Wednesday Wellness: The power of visualization

Recently it was suggested to me that I try visualizing what I want.   Now, I write in a gratitude journal daily and I write what I want to attract daily and these are fabulous tools I integrate into my life. I love the practice.   In yoga, I meditate.   When I cycle, I focus.   When I run, I process.   When I train, I detach.   However, I don’t think I have ever sat still for 10 minutes, closed my eyes and simply visualized what I want! 10 minutes is a long time! How does one stay focused?   Well, due to some circumstances beyond my control right now (look for this in a future Wednesday Wellness); I have decided to try the power of visualization. I’ve shared this commitment with a few who do visualize and I’m told I could potentially achieve anything with the power of positive thinking and belief, but I must take the time to practice.   I wanted to share this thought with you and suggest if this rings a little bell for you somewhere in the back of your mind, that you try it as well. I am committed to doing this every day for the next 7 weeks for 10 minutes a day. I am excited at the prospect of the outcome!   I hope you will consider the adventure with me!