Cool Apps: Document Scan in the Palm of Your Hand

Real estate is an on-the-go sport, and as such, it's nice to discover any app that could help cut down on trips to the office, Kinkos or other out-of-the-way spots just to print stuff.  Likewise, digital copies of anything are always better. Think easy access and never risking losing a slip of paper.   Enter Genius Scan. This app is strictly for iPhone and iPod Touch users, but it's free and worth checking out if you're on these devices at all. It turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a pocket scanner, enabling you to quickly scan documents and email them from anywhere.   It enables you to create documents with multiple scans, rename and send them as PDFs.   Have a receipt you need to save for your tax records? Don't risk losing it. Scan it in right at the point of sale and email it to yourself for easy access later.   Need to get a contract to another agent on a tight schedule? Scan it before the ink is dry and have it in their hands within minutes – seconds even. Documents are processed right on your phone, not sent through a third-party server.   Genius Scan automatically picks up the words on any surface – like a whiteboard, paper napkin, typed document, paper receipt. The scanner then auto-corrects the perspective. It's super easy and fast. Welcome to the world of organized receipts and notes!