Wednesday Wellness: No sweets challenge

In a couple of weeks, I start a “no sweets” challenge with several friends, family members and clients. This is something I did last year with about 10 others to help navigate through the pies, candy, cookies, and cakes (and that was just during Halloween). The challenge is to help us stay healthy and not become the “8 pounds of fat gained” statistic. It was miraculous and over the holidays last year, I think I felt better than I ever had during that time of year!  One of my colleagues is doing this with me and someone asked her “why”, you don’t need to lose weight! Her point was, it isn’t about weight loss, it is about what she could add in to her diet where the sugar treats take up!   I loved that! She’s right! What do we take out of our diet, life, love, and everything in between which is filled up with something that might be tasty or “good” in a moment, yet pushes out something vital and healthy that we don’t make room for because of it?   Now, I’m not suggesting you take sweets out of your diet with us, or am I...but think about what kind of sugar (or metaphor like sugar) you are filling up your days with and what could take its place and enhance something you have been missing!