Wednesday Wellness: Shed Some Leaves

Fall is in the air and I have mixed emotions about it. The crispness at night time feels fresh; exciting even, but I know that winter is on fall’s heels and frankly, it seems like it barely stopped raining! The bigger question is: What can I do about it? Well, I certainly know I can’t control the weather, I can’t stop the sun from rising later or setting sooner, and I might have a hard time packing up and moving to Hawaii for the next 5 months. So…just as with many other situations in life, we can dig our heels in, feel frustrated and wish it were different, or we can create a way to enjoy the changes life brings us. In nature, fall represents change, letting go (shedding) our leaves so to speak so we can create the space to renew and refresh. That, in itself is exciting! So, for me, this year, fall is a metaphor for looking at some dusty habits or belongings I have and shedding them, making room for new and exciting habits I haven’t created a priority in my life to cultivate.

As I am writing this, all of a sudden, I’m feeling a little excited to see winter, as that’s when the clearing happens to create new priorities!

Want to join me?!