Wednesday Wellness: Create Your Own Inertia

Last week I wrote about the idea of “all or nothing” when it comes to our workouts. What came up for me this week was an adjunct to this message. Many of my friends and clients are busier than ever and have expressed “why bother” if all I can do is 10 minutes – “What’s the point?” The point is that you stay consistent, you keep momentum, you lower your stress and you create “inertia” (my new favorite word). Have you ever been on a workout roll, feeling great and BAM, a stressful week hits and you don’t workout or eat well. Then another stressful week hits and you continue to eat crummy food and choose to stop your workouts in any way shape or form. Then around week 3 of this new stressed out lifestyle, a friend asks you to go for a hike and you go for it; only to realize you’ve gotten out of shape in 3 weeks and you feel like a train wreck because your diet has unraveled at the seams right beside your workout regiment!

Had you carved out 10 min a day to walk or jog around the block and not given up on some of the basics with your diet (no white flour, lean protein, limited sweets and a fair amount of vegetables); that hike might have been hard but a whole lot easier than had you pushed your health to the sidelines.

The inertia** (see below) creates the momentum to continue a forward motion. This is POWERFUL when it comes to one’s health and wellbeing. Your inertia will help you create a lifestyle of consistent healthy habits - even when times are harder than others.

Give this old message a new twist in thinking and next time you feel like stopping consider a small movement towards continuing your habits - create your own inertia!

**Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion or rest. It is represented numerically by an object's mass. The principle of inertia is one of the fundamental principles of classical physics which are used to describe the motion of matter and how it is affected by applied forces.