Wednesday Wellness: Little Goals to a Better Life

Often we look at big bench marks in our fitness and nutritional accomplishments as our sole measures of success. Although it’s good to acknowledge the big successes; it’s equally empowering to think about the small every day accomplishments we have integrated in to our lives as a result of training for the BIG goals we have worked SO hard for! For instance, if you’ve been working out consistently, do you consider how easy it is to climb the stairs at a moment’s notice or grab 2 bags of groceries at the same time without thinking twice?

How about the friend who calls you up last minute and asks you to join him or her on a hike? All you need to do is grab your shoes, water bottle and headset and you are good to go!

Then there’s the football party (the season is here!) and you can safely navigate through the chips and dip and find something healthy without having a panic attack.

When we have worked so hard for big goals, we sometimes forget to take notice of the little endeavors which have created a very healthy day to day lifestyle. There’s always another mountain to climb – they make life interesting at the least; but remember to relish all the little ways your life is better because of the bigger picture!