Wednesday Wellness: Pivot

Have you ever felt stuck? Not just a little bit, but a whole lot? Try as you might, and though you want to, and know that you should, you find that you just can't get unstuck? To make matters worse, you get frustrated with yourself because you just can't get out of your own way? So you find yourself even MORE stuck in trying to get unstuck. Can’t you almost feel the aggravation seeping out of your pores? Frustrated? Most people are! But, what if you were able to "pivot?"

I’ve written about it many times. Basically, it is all about turning a negative thought or situation into a sort of silver lining and finding a way to receive something positive out of your negative experience.

But what happens when you haven’t been able to get into the right frame of mind to pivot? You know you want to, you know you should, but you are in that in between place of leaving the negative thoughts and embracing the positive ones and can’t quite reach the positive place your mind believes you are supposed to be?

We get stuck in the aggravation of the “process” and become impatient in wanting to reach the pivot. We find it’s not our habit – yet – and we leave one negative place to end up simply creating another negative experience. Therein lies the never ending cycle of creating the negative course of action.

But what happens if we learn how to embrace the act of change and accept the metamorphosis and accept that the in between is actually an integral part of the process? Quite possibly, the pivot we are searching for or the “expectation” we have decided upon, isn’t what we are meant to experience. Instead, maybe it’s the process itself which is our pivot, and the lesson of that in between stage is our teacher.

Heavy stuff for a Wednesday Wellness, but if you are in the “middle ground” and frustrated that “it” hasn’t quite happened for you yet, consider looking at what you can learn from the stage you find yourself at and you might be supposed to find that you already arrived at your pivot.