Cool Apps: Dropbox for Seamless Syncing

Par for the course in real estate sales is the mounds of contracts and files that pile up. And of course, you’re pressed for time and need to access these contracts while juggling a thousand other things and in your car all day. Google Docs is pretty good for this. But if you need a little more under the hood then Dropbox is a fantastic option since it lets you sync between devices and platforms (attention: dual Windows and Mac users), while also enabling online access.

Think: anytime, anywhere access to your contracts and super easy file sharing. Think: you can drop a file in your Dropbox drive on your laptop and then pull it up on any smart phone later. Think: you can reduce a few dozen emails to your clients to a simple shared folder where you constantly update contracts and other files and communication.

And it’s free for up to 2 GB of storage – $9.99 per month for up to 50 GB (higher pricing tiers for even more storage).

Dropbox’s shared folder feature can be a lifesaver for agents who are tired of the constant paper shuffle back and forth via email. And with the added privacy of the service, you can feel more secure using this feature with your clients’ sensitive information.

Also, can you say automatic backup?  Yes, automatic online backup without you having to think about it.

Dropbox has been around for a few years, now with more than 4 million users. One thing you’ll notice after using it for awhile is that its users are kind of like Apple fanboys – raving fanatics. One of these users wrote a great article on LifeHacker about various ways to use Dropbox beyond your basic file sync. Use the service to sync passwords across PCs, control your computer remotely, or to access portable applications from any PC. Now that’s gettin’ geeky!

The company’s referral program probably helps in creating loyal users too. For every friend you refer to the service, you and the friend each get 250 MB of free storage added to your account.

So if you’re desperately searching for a way to simplify your life’s many files, devices and locations, try Dropbox. Then maybe you’ll be the next to discover a cool use no one’s even thought of yet.