Thursday Thoughts on Leadership: Leadership Lessons from the Golf Course

As our 7th Annual Intero Foundation Golf Tournament commences today, I’ve been thinking about how techniques used in the game of golf can be applied to your path to success as a leader. Ever wonder what golf has to do with leadership? There are quite a few clear connections between the two.

The best leaders use a collection of distinct leadership styles, each of which are used at the right time and in the right manner. Think of it as a skilled golfer who, in the course of a game, picks and chooses each club according to the demands of the shot.

Gary Player, the most successful international golfer of all time with nine major championship victories and nine major victories on the Champions Tour, is truly a golf legend and leader. His dedication to excellence and his golfing accomplishments are what got him there.

His approach to golf and to life in general show impeccable values, perfectionist style and insistence on quality, and are what led him to become a renowned golfer and leader.

Golf and leadership each require making choices and mastering the basics. Golfers and leaders each deal with the consequences of their decisions. They know how to control their emotional swings, how to remain patient and how to always respect their competitors.

For a better understanding of this connection, here are some expectations, descriptions and requirements that pertain to both golf and leadership:

·        Creativity is always required. ·        It can be frustrating at times. ·        Goal-setting is required. ·        You need to always encourage continued improvement. ·        It’s challenging. ·        It requires clear vision. ·        You need to be a problem solver. ·        On occasion, it’s an emotional experience. ·        It involves strategic thinking. ·        It demands endurance. ·        It’s rewarding. ·        You need a strong mental game. ·        It’s a source of great satisfaction.

Sounds like a career in real estate doesn’t it?

As you think back to our golf tournament this year and to Gary Player's career, ask yourself: which course will I choose to take me to the top?

As you choose your path remember what Gary Player explains in his new book, “Don't Choke”:

"Over the years, I’ve heard people say, 'That Gary Player was certainly lucky in his career'. But if it was just luck, how come I kept doing it? And how come Nicklaus kept doing it? And Ben Hogan, and Sam Snead, and now Tiger Woods? It’s not luck. It’s being able to bring something out of yourself when it’s really necessary, and when it counts. That’s the difference between being very good, a star, and a superstar. Remember – The harder you practice, the luckier you get."

Greater understanding of leadership leads to opportunities for improvement. This is how you become a more effective leader.