Cool Apps: A New Way to Web Conference

At some point in your sales career, you may find yourself teaming up with other agents or service providers in your area to build business. Or maybe you’re working together on a neighborhood event or website. Or maybe you’re trying to win a listing for a client who spends half his year 2,000 miles away in Maui.  This type of collaboration inevitably leads to some Web conferencing. But don’t let the nature of a Web conferencing platform kill your creativity. Instead, try something new!   Meet Dimdim, an alternative that’s free and also kind of fun as it gives more collaboration opportunities than the usual roster of GoTo Meeting and Webex.   Dimdim allows you to meet with your colleagues or even long-distance clients on a live Web page. You don’t have to download anything or even pay to use it if you have just a small group! (Now that’s a nice perk.) It’s literally click a button and boom! Instant meeting commencement.   Using Dimdim, you can share documents, Web pages, whiteboards, audio, video and even record your meetings for those who couldn’t make it or just for remembering a thought process or decision that was made.   As I mentioned, it is free to use for smaller groups of up to five participants and then starts at $25 per month for unlimited use with more participants. It works on a Mac or a PC. And since there is nothing to install, there’s no excuse for your meeting not to start on time.   What really stands out about this new platform is the collaboration capability and the fact that you don’t have to download anything to use it. For that, it’s worth checking out!