Wednesday Wellness: Are We Done Yet

Yesterday, I was at the tail-end of one of my yoga classes when a new person in class asked, in a slightly louder voice than she intended, “Are we done?” I’m sure she was hoping with all her heart that it was! At the time, it was pretty comical, however it got me thinking: Are we ever really done? Or maybe more precisely: are we beginning, ending, or always moving?

Doesn’t it seem that whatever task or event we are working on we’re benchmarking it as if we are starting or working towards finishing?

If I look at my industry of health and wellness, I meet cool folks all the time who are looking to “begin” a training or nutrition program so they can reach their “end” goal and in their minds “finish.”

Truly, though, this life is just that…a life journey. Sometimes we are traveling a little slower than others, sometimes we are reaching a pivotal goal and other times we are renewing our commitment to something, yet through the ebb and flow of all of this, we are always IN it, always moving, always striving. The only time we really begin is when we are born and well, you know when we truly end (at least in this body).

Enough of the heavy stuff! Seriously though, maybe we can take a look at our week a little differently right now and consider what we are IN and the joy of the momentum, the newness of projects and the satisfactions towards reaching a goal. If we only look at when we start and when we are done, are we really enjoying the middle…which is actually our life! Think about this heavy topic and contemplate stepping out of the limits of a time clock and rather start being IN the entire process, for life!