Wednesday Wellness: Plastics

By Tammy ParkinsonIntero's Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Recently the subject of “plastics” has come to my attention. I’ve heard the negatives about the correlation between health and plastic, and have made slight modifications over the years to reduce the amount of plastic I use, but I now realize I use a LOT more plastic than I should. Not just for my own health, but the health of our planet.

Although I’d love to say that I only use glass and I never use plastic bags, that wouldn’t be the truth - but it’s something I would like to work towards! In my attempt to learn a little more about why plastic is unhealthy, I’ve read through the articles below which I’d like to share with you:

The idea for many of us in revamping our entire lives in order to eliminate plastic might be daunting, but here are some simpler suggestions I would like to offer and proclaim that I am going to utilize:

  • Never heat my food in plastic
  • Bring a shopping bag or brown paper bags back to the grocery store (I’ve just loaded 10 in my car!)
  • Use my Sigg water bottle during the day and refill as needed
  • Use eco friendly vegetable bags which are washable and reusable when I buy produce (vs. getting more plastic bags)
  • Use silverware when on the go vs. plastic spoons and forks ( I used to load up on plastic spoons and forks for emergency food)

Anyone want to join me?