Wednesday Wellness: Pennies from heaven

Every morning, I write my 10/10’s. For those who aren’t familiar with this, it’s a meditation of sorts where I begin my day writing 10 things I am grateful for and 10 things I want to attract each day. It’s a beautiful way to start my day. When I write what I wish to attract, one focus is I always ask for unexpected income. I shared this with a friend a while back and an analogy of a penny came up. How many times do we wish we had more money, and then when we see a penny on the ground we step right over it? Well, we are attracting income, but when the universe gives us what we ask for, we don’t acknowledge it. When I realized the importance of this statement, I always pick up the pennies and make a gesture of gratitude that the universe is answering my requests.

I shared THIS story with another friend and she said that it reminded her of a story by a close friend of hers.

A few years ago, a good friend of hers had a son who passed away while in college. It was devastating to her friend of course. During an exceptionally hard time, he asked for a “sign” that his son was ok. Nearly immediately after this, her friend saw a penny on the ground and saw this as a sign that his son was alright and reaching out. From that day forward, he always saved the pennies he found and shared this moment with another very good friend of his who also started saving his “found” pennies.

Every few months when the pennies would reach several dollars one friend would call the other and say “it’s time to have lunch on your son”. This was a way they could reconnect and honor the memory of the soul passed away.

What does this have to do with fitness, nutrition, and wellness? Indirectly…everything! So often we go through our days in such a hurry we don’t acknowledge the pennies from heaven and the gifts surrounding us in every moment of the day. We step over the signs thrown our way thinking we know best and often ignore the answers right in front of us.

What if we cherished the pennies, the “small nuggets” of gold life brings us, then savor them to honor something bigger than ourselves when the time arrives?

This truly is what a balanced life is like; what being in the moment and honoring our health and wellbeing is about!

Try and cherish your pennies from heaven; see if you can pause and notice the small gifts life brings you towards an overall better balanced and giving life.