Wednesday Wellness: Reach Beyond the Known

Last Sunday I had the incredible opportunity to ride around Lake Tahoe with a group of some of the most extraordinary people I’ve ever ridden with.   

We began this journey together last January and rode together every Saturday to get ourselves in shape as a team in order to ride in Tahoe. Our aim was to ride at altitude without struggling, but most importantly our end goal was to enjoy ourselves above anything else.   

Why did we choose Tahoe? Actually, our group instigator, as we’ll call him, had his own private goal to kick a debilitating fear which appeared a couple of years ago. He had a massive heart attack, nearly died and upon his survival realized a few things in his life needed to change. He knew if he could recondition his heart to ride at 7,000 feet without incident, he will have conquered his inner fear as well as reaching an overall new fitness level. During the journey, however, what also occurred was a change in nearly all the other rider’s health, mind set, focus, determination, nutrition and strength.    

You see, what I realized in observing this group is every one of us has a fear we want to overcome. Each one of us has many! Each one of us mentally stop ourselves from conquering our fears, but when that special person comes along to give us a word of encouragement or, better yet, show us what we can do beyond our own beliefs, we begin to expand our own boundaries. We reach a little further, we stop stopping ourselves and we start inspiring others to reach beyond their limits.  

Over the last 6 months we have witnessed a change in all of us, knowing we can do more than what we thought was conceivable. The vibration of this mindset starts to spread like wild fire.  

During the ride last Sunday, there were riders of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. There were even a few on unicycles (now that’s a feat)! Everyone has a different story and purpose, everyone was inspired by something different, but with the miracles I witnessed in the months before the ride, during the ride and especially after the ride, I am left with a feeling that not only has inspired me to continue on my healthy path, but has stirred the motivation in a new group to reach beyond their health and fitness levels.  

Thank you to those who were and are courageous by reaching beyond the known.