Wednesday Wellness: Coconut Water! So Much More Than a Tropical Drink

As summer is heating up (FINALLY) it’s important that we hydrate. I know sometimes water gets a little “boring” so check out coconut water! After all, coconut water is the new (or ancient) Gatorade! Did you know that coconut water is an excellent rehydrator?

Did you know that coconut water has the SAME five electrolytes found in human blood? (Gatorade has 2)

Did you know in emergencies, coconut water has been used intravenously when conventional hydration fluids were not available?

Did you know coconut water is known as the elixir for hangovers?

Many coconut water advocates will claim that it can do everything from boosting your immune system to reducing cancer risk, menstrual cramps and eliminating a hangover within an hour after ingesting!

These claims are yet to be solidified, but as a rehydrator, for certain, this is true! Replace that Gatorade and try some coconut water. (Note, if you put it in a water bottle for long bike rides, choose the kind without pulp!)

Have some fun trying something new!