Wednesday Wellness: Keep Your Eye on the Prize

When you were a kid, did you ever get those cereals which had a prize at the bottom? You know, the secret decoder ring, or the magic whistle? Even if you didn’t really love the cereal, you’d eat through it because of the super cool prize at the bottom! This is what it’s like with diet and exercise! There’s this super cool prize at the end. You know it’s there, you know you’ll love the results, you just might have to eat a little sawdust along the way (not literally I hope).

The prize at the end of the journey is usually worth it if you keep your focus on the trinket!

Now that summer is (80%) here, get that cereal box out (i.e. exercise clothes) and run, walk, train and lunge your way to the super decoder ring. Nibble your way through carrots, lean proteins, greens and fruit to wear the trinket!

If you don’t rummage, you’re not likely to receive the gift of health at the end!