Wednesday Wellness: Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Remember when you were little and you reached for the fire or the stove and got burned?  It didn’t take long for you to realize that reaching out to touch a flame wasn’t a good idea! At that point, did you decide never to be around fire? Did you decide that only “fake” candles would be allowed in your home or if you went camping and needed a camp fire, you’d just shiver instead?  I hope not!  (That would really be a bummer!)

My point here is simple, in life, we have situations that come up that scare us, maybe upset us, but it doesn’t mean we have to avoid these situations all together; we just need to navigate a little wiser through them.

In the fitness world, I see people who are afraid to try new and different exercises because they tried something similar once and didn’t like it.  It doesn’t stop there, however, some try several things and decide they didn’t like something (or many things) and refuse to consider a new variation of the same thing to see if they might enjoy the exercise or routine a different and new way.  What happens is the alternatives start getting narrower.  Eventually, these folks decide there’s only a handful of options (if even that) to work with and limit themselves for the rest of their lives.

If we continue to constrict our choices, we will no longer allow ourselves to have diversity at all!

Is that what we want?  To have no viable (or recognizable) “choice” as we get older?

Consider this with your fitness routine!  Have you limited your own selections?  Do you think because you’ve tried something once that you throw out any similar alternatives?  If you do, the walls in your world become smaller rather than vast.  Try stepping out of your comfort zones a little and see if you can safely and gingerly expand your world!  You might find that there’s something new, exciting and different that you would never have considered because of long ago beliefs and self-inflicted boundaries!