Wednesday Wellness: Add Some Zest

As summer approaches, adding nutrient dense foods and spices to your hydration might be something to add to your grocery list!  Here are a few ideas: Cinnamon:  Helps regulate blood glucose and aids in digestion.  Great in almond milk and yogurt smoothies!

Rosemary:  Known to help improve digestion and boost immunity.  Rosemary has a pine like taste and goes well with a dollop of honey or agave nectar and Perrier.

Beet juice:  Beets (when not in a can and pickled) are fabulous.  This is one of my “newly found foods!” Beets help our bodies fight off free radicals that have been linked to cancer and heart disease. Beet juice can be taken by itself (similar to a wheat grass short) or even added to water for a pure body cleanse.

Carrot juice:  Carrots are well known to be loaded with beta-carotene a powerful anti-oxidant.  Carrot juice when fresh pressed is very sweet and can be drunk in a 4 oz shot in the morning or added in a vegetable juice blend.  Add some cinnamon and you get a lot of “wow” in your drink!

Pomegranate juice:  There are “ellagitannins” found in this dark fruit which has been thought to help slow or prevent the growth of breasts cancer cells.  Add about an ounce of unsweetened pomegranate juice to your seltzer water.  It’s great with fresh lemon juice too!

Enjoy mixing up your nutrition into some of your liquids!  I WILL get warmer and before you know it, water will be a hot (or cold) commodity!!  Add some “zest” and some nutrition!!