Thursday Thoughts: Want to lead? Be prepared to take the bad with the good

That sounds obvious, doesn’t it? And, theoretically, it is. But in the real world of real estate management things don’t always work out that way. Have you ever worked for a manger that couldn’t make a decision? Or, when presented with a failure, sought to deflect responsibility?

There is nothing more unsettling to agents and employees than being under the command of a manager who shows a lack of commitment in his or her responsibility as a leader. Someone who wants the perks of leadership without the challenges.

These failed leaders don’t understand that it is better to make a bad decision than no decision; more admirable to accept responsibility than to avoid it.

In accepting responsibility for the Bay of Pigs fiasco – a military disaster of massive proportions – President Kennedy said, “Success has a thousand fathers; failure is an orphan.”

It’s true. But leaders accept the good with the bad.

Bob Moles has always said, “Show me a great leader and I will show you a successful office.” Realtors will choose to follow only those managers who demonstrate a desire to lead.

Such leaders may be as different from one another as agents are different from one another. They will not have every human virtue, nor will they possess a flawless character.

But they will be distinguished by their good judgment, sincerity, compassion, authority and courage. They have a human quality, a strong commitment to their cause - and to those they serve.

In the next issue of Thursday Thoughts on Leadership, we will examine the question: “How do you know if you Possess Sufficient Desire to be a Leader?”