Wednesday Wellness: Undiscovered Love?

This evening I had a conversation with someone about why some of us love to exercise, and others would rather eat hot coals while lying on a bed of nails.  Why is it, she wondered, that it took until she was in her 50’s to find activities that she now (finally) loves?  4 days a week, I might add! She remembered making a goal at age 39 to run a mile before her 40th birthday (footnote…she started training for the 1 mile goal 6 moths before her birthday).  She hated (I know, a strong word, but the best one to describe how she felt) every single moment of it and put that goal on the shelf well before her 40th.

She remembered trying to lift weights a few years back and swore the clock was jinxed because 20 minutes seemed more like 90.  She couldn’t wait to finish her routine.

Then about a year ago she walked in to a new exercise class (always on a quest to try to find something she could endure because she valued the importance of exercise). Most of the participants in the class were women her age and the class was taught by a fun, high energy “in her 40’s” instructor, who made the session so fun that my “friend” (ok…she’s my sister) instantly fell in love with the class!

What was the difference?  Why now?  For the first time, she was made to feel comfortable, she felt at home, she laughed and wasn’t intimidated.  The guidance of the instructor made all the difference for my sister.  It was a Zumba class and the music was her style, the participants were her age and dancing was something she immediately connected with.

She took me to this class (in Washington) and I could see why she was having so much fun!  We then took a hot flow yoga class, something I literally begged her to do with me.  This class was also taught by Carole, the Zumba instructor, and to my utter shock my sister has been doing yoga now twice a week for 5 months…she loves it!

The connection?  She felt “at home”.  She felt comfortable and welcome.  She felt she could do well and enjoy herself.  It wasn’t so much that she was “exercising”… she was having fun, sweating and feeling successful!

I started thinking about this and wondered how many non exercisers could actually fall in love with an activity if they felt at home, not intimidated and could laugh with others and at themselves.  Of course Body Firm offers this, but for those of you outside of the Bay Area, look around, I bet there are studios, gyms and groups who care as much as we do and as much as Carole does!

Could this be you?  Could you have something deep inside which just hasn’t been uncovered?  Don’t quit; my sister never did, just keep trying to find that place where you can let go a little and feel good.  There are so many options, so many places to go!  Ask others, try new things, laugh and see if you can find a place where you will eventually look forward towards adding to your schedule!  Maybe even 4x a week!!