Wednesday Wellness: Stay Healthy on Vacation

One of Body Firm’s Trainers and my good friend, Michelle Brown, was preparing for a 10 day vacation in Maui earlier last week.  While her friends were planning what outfits to wear and restaurants to go to, she was planning where she will be going to get her next workout in.  Here is what she shared in her blog.  To me, it’s so “ON”  that I wanted to share it with all of you!

Written the eve of her departure… My lifestyle includes exercise and healthy eating daily.  This lifestyle of course took time to develop and I have no intention on breaking that GOOD habit now.  Plus I always feel great after a workout and know I will be indulging in foods and beverages more than usual so I will need the calorie burn.  Unfortunately, I currently have an issue going on with my knee preventing me from running (my favorite beach activity).  High calorie burn, great adrenaline fixes, and cost effective.  So without that, I need to come up with alternative solutions.

So here is what I did to keep myself going.  I found the local gyms online.  Some of them had trial memberships. I signed up for a few of those to last me over the 10 days.  I also found some other contacts through friends that also enjoy workouts while traveling.  I got a name of a trainer who does great boot camps at a park close to where I am staying.  I have his number and will be contacting him once I arrive.

I also have heard of some new adventures to try.  Surf paddling is supposed to be an excellent workout while enjoying the beauty of the island and I might actually get to see some sea life.  I hear the sea turtles are beautiful while paddling.  I may also sign up for surfing lessons.  There, of course, is always a renting a bike.  I brought my cycling shoes just in case.  Since the people I am going with on this trip do not have a similar lifestyle, I will be mostly on my own for these outings.  I have no problem with that as I know they will be basking in the sun enjoying their relax time and I will get my workout in and still get time to join them when I'm done.  This can be an obstacle, but know that I have a plan and once I get to my destination I will plan my workout schedule against the group activities so that it all flows easily for everyone.

Now there is the issue of food while vacationing.  This I plan to continue to do my daily habits as much as possible.  Meaning while eating out, I order healthy food by selecting lower calorie options - mainly ordering fish or chicken with vegetables that are steamed.  This should be easy in Maui.  Then while out and about I have packed protein bars.  I also brought a few of my favorite extras.  Which for me knowing the salt content of my food will be higher from eating out I am bringing some detox tea to have before bed.  I also have brought plenty of Emergen-C.  Two easy to pack items that will go a long way.  Now of course there are all those tasty fruity drinks that are so tempting.  I plan on having 1 mai tai and 1 hurricane while I'm there.  Other than that I will be sticking to my usual favorites: Vodka with soda and lime, or flavored vodka.  Of course I will be on the “drink water frequently plan” to keep hydrated.

My goal for this trip is to try out a few new sports I have not done yet and to exercise 8 of the 10 days - should be doable.  I will also be logging my food intake and exercise schedule to help duplicate this plan for my clients.

Michelle returns this coming weekend…if I know her, she hit every goal above and came back enjoying every moment of her trip!

I hope this blog inspired you as much as it did me!!