Wednesday Wellness: Which Trail Will You Blaze?

Let’s say you are looking at yourself…at 5 years old.  You are standing beside this child, ready to give advice on living a long and healthy life; one rich in vibrancy and pain free.  What would you tell him or her about taking care of your own body? Now you are standing beside yourself…at 19 years old.  You are offering insight about how to approach your 20’s with a strong and fit body, one which can resist disease, have incredible energy and keep up with others your age climbing various “ladders”.

Now you are in real time.  This time however, you have followed your own advice from age 5, through 19 and into the age you are now.  You’ve adhered to the wisdom of your elders, so to speak.  How would your life be different in this scenario than it might be now?  Would you be healthier, more energetic, disease free?

Now you are in your 80’s.  There were two paths to take…the one that you are currently on, or the one you started on at age 5 with the voice of wisdom ringing in your ears.  Which path did you choose?  When you look at this 85 year old, how is this person standing, feeling, thinking?

Whatever your answer, you have the choice to stay on your current health path, or jump on to a new one.  Which trail will you blaze?