Wednesday Wellness: The Dining Out Challenge

Last week, I was on vacation and had the “challenge” of dining out nearly every night!  I know for many of you, business and social functions make this a weekly occurrence!

One of my friends, who is a Wednesday Wellness “reader”, suggested I offer some tips on making a 2000+ calorie dinner out into a 700 calorie dinner by offering out some quick suggestions!

  • When you eat out, never go starving!  If you are starving as you leave the house, grab a few slices of an apple or similar and eat that on the way to the restaurant.  Consider it your pre-appetizer appetizer!
  • If possible, right when you sit down, ask for water and a cup of hot tea.  Drink the hot tea as you are waiting for your first meal (or only meal)
  • Scan the menu ahead of time on line if you know where you are going, so you don’t even need to open the menu when you get there.
  • If you don’t have the opportunity to get online, let your eyes go immediately to appetizers, salads and fish options.  Don’t even tempt yourself with buttery pasta choices, red meat options and/or creamy foods.
  • Choose your meal to be made up of two types of foods:
  1. Clean veggies (salads without nuts and cheeses)
  2. Lean proteins (without sauces or glazes)
  • Decide ahead of time you either won’t have dessert, or you will only have 1 bite of a shared dessert (even a bite can add to 75-100 calories)
  • If you want a glass of wine, let this be your dessert
  • If you would prefer a cocktail, choose a no calorie mixer like club soda
  • And the biggie…either ask the server to take the bread/chips, etc away, or let the other end of the table nibble at it!

I hope this helps!  By making these changes over the past 7 days of my vacation, I most likely saved myself 8,000 calories…just in dinner alone!  That’s 2 pounds I now don’t have to burn off and THAT feels great coming back from a great vacation!