Cool Apps: Sending Letters is a Cinch with MailFinch!

mailfinchFor all the high-tech tools with which we’re bombarded each and every day, sometimes it’s the simplest ones that make the biggest impact. Think about this. For all of the @ message you might receive on Twitter, and for all of the umpteen thousand indistinguishable emails at which you barely glance, how many personalized letters have you received?

The answer is, most likely, “not many”. But isn’t it great when you do?

Think about how something like that might make your customers feel.

The idea of sending letters, or any sort of mailing, to customers isn’t exactly new. With the advent of instant communication on the Internet, it’s been written off as passé, and it’s always been kind of a pain in the neck. Stamps, printers that run out of ink at exactly the wrong moment, paper cuts, you name it.

All of that has changed with MailFinch.

A simple service that allows you to send as few as one or as many as ... (how high can you count) letters, MailFinch can help you extend that personal touch while still making things Internet point-and-click easy.

Do you have a list of client birthdays or anniversaries? Set up pre-scheduled mailings to go out on your customers’ special days. If you have a newsletter, MailFinch will print and send it, up to four pages, to everyone you can think of. Any PDF that you can dream up can be uploaded, printed, and sent ... all with just a few clicks. You don’t have to lick any envelopes or get pesky paper cuts, and your clients get actual, real-live mail, beautifully printed on high-quality paper and delivered in linen envelopes with actual stamps (no postage meters here).

MailFinch has several pricing plans, depending on your needs. They start with a pay-as-you-go option, and extend upward to an enterprise-level program that gets you 525 stamps per month. Regardless of the plan you choose, printing and shipping is all-inclusive, and you can schedule mailings as far as a year in advance, so you’ll know your letters will get mailed, even if you’re busy doing other things.

We live in a world of “do it faster”, tweet this, bump that instant gratification. MailFinch offers a service that rises above that din and makes your message get noticed.

Give simple a chance!