Wednesday Wellness: Create the Silence

Have you ever heard the expression “to create something new, you have to get rid of something which no longer serves you?” I am uh, “known” to multitask with the best of them.  In fact, if it were a sport, I’m sure I’d be a professional, maybe a world record holder!  The complication with this, however is sometimes we (I) get so busy piling on more things to do, more tasks to accomplish, more appointments to cram in to one day, when I want something “more” in my life (not a bad thing…just “more”) I simply don’t have space!

Do you ever feel you have been needing/wanting/searching to make some changes within your personal and maybe your business lifestyles?  You practice positive thinking, maybe prayer or meditation, along with the law of attraction; you even make lists and share them with trusted friends and coworkers!  But, it’s just not happening?  (I am relating if you’ve felt this!!)

Recently, I picked up a card which read “we are desperately seeking the silence to create the space to root and grow”.  WOW.  This hit me like a Mac truck.   This was my problem, I was so busy making my lists and wanting “more,” I didn’t take the time to sit in the silence.  The silence, then, created (or is creating) the space so that I can “see” the chaos which is cluttering the newness I need to bring in to my world!

I started to realize that there are rituals and habits in my day, not necessarily “wrong”, but no longer needed, that I have been hanging on to.  I see that there are systems which I take time and energy towards following which are time wasters now and I see that, yes, there is even exercise habits and eating habits which at one time I thought were great for me, however now that I’m in a different place in my life, I need to adjust to I can make room for new ways to workout, new times to train and new foods to add into my shopping cart to support my new interests and caloric needs.

Realizing this hasn’t given me the answers to all my questions, but it has answered one: and that is I now have the epiphany to create space; so I can see my answers!

Can you create the silence, to find the space in order to grow in your own way?