Cool Apps: Get Smart With Smart Draw!

Let’s face it. VerSmartDraw logoy few of us are good at everything. Oh, sure ... there’s that guy with whom you went to college who was great-looking, and the quarterback of the football team, and graduated summa cum laude just after rescuing a troupe of old ladies with puppies while on his way to donate blood to an orphanage, but most of us have to face the fact that we’re just ... not that guy.

This means that while we might be great salespeople and that we might be great at taking care of our customers, we mightn’t also be great at blogging, or math, or <gulp> creating presentations.

That last one is something over which I stew all the time.

I have great information to share but I just don’t have that certain ... something ... that allows me to turn that information into moving, powerful visuals. And for most people, visual representations of information are much more striking than any other form.

So, what’s there to do?

I could hire a graphic designer, but that takes a lot of time, and can also run into a lot of money. Drawing something by hand is out of the question (I can make a mean stick figure, but that’s about it). Even using my mouse to create images on my computer can get frustrating, because as much as I nudge things around, the graphics never look as clean as I’d like.

But there is a solution. And a darned good one, at that.

For the software gods have given us SmartDraw. Unlike most of the applications about which we write, SmartDraw isn’t free. However, it’s less than $200 for the full version, and that’s less than one hour’s time from most graphic designers (the math here should be pretty obvious).

So, what does it do?

Put simply, with just a few clicks, SmartDraw can create more than 70 different sorts of diagrams and presentations, including maps, flowcharts, organizational charts, calendars, graphs ... you name it. If it’s a graphic that you need, odds are that SmartDraw can make it. And there’s no dragging and dropping. Just click and type. That’s it. The graphics come out professional-looking each and every time. I don’t know many people who can turn out quality like that without losing lots of sleep, or without ripping out the bulk of their hair.

Want to hear something else that’s really, really cool? SmartDraw works seamlessly with Microsoft Office, so once you create your graphics, you can click once, and have all of them transferred directly into PowerPoint and have your presentation ready to go, and, more importantly, ready to knock the socks off of your clients.

You can check SmartDraw out with their free trial download. Unless you’re a graphic designing, quarterbacking, honors grabbing puppy saver, I promise that you won’t be disappointed.