Wednesday Wellness: The Fast Guy On Race Day

I hope many of you have had the chance to watch some of the Olympics!  What inspiration! What I personally am most fascinated by is the stories of those athletes who have overcome adversity, specifically serious, if not life threatening injury.

Let’s take  Askel Lund Svidal who sustained intense injury in 2009, now winning the Gold in Vancouver, or Lindsay Vonn, with her shin so injured she couldn’t put on her ski boot without excruciating pain, then went on to win the Gold.  Let’s not forget Chris Del Bosco who overcame drug abuse and a broken neck, to go on and be invited to ski on the Canadian team this year.

Every night I watch the Olympics, I hear of an amazing story about perseverance, dedication, commitment and sheer determination!

How is it that someone can endure such pain and hardship; then muster the courage to go back to the source of the pain?

I have read a few articles about the physiology of overcoming “fear” and I really liked this quote:

“As for the ever-present fear, many have found a way to manage it.  “You never overcome it. The fear factor is always there. I don’t care how good you are at your sport, there’s always a risk of injury, always a risk of crashing, so it’s just a case of risk management. Whoever can manage the risk best, while getting as close to that line as possible, is the fast guy on race day.”

Isn’t this really part of the game of life?  To overcome our fear and BE that person who is close to the line on our own race day?

These Olympic Athletes are special…that’s why they are Olympians!  But I believe the athlete in all of us has encountered our own falls, it’s how we finish the race, or better yet how we proceed IN the race that makes us our own champion!

Here are some great stories I found from athletes, local and worldwide who have created their own destinies through strength and “risk”.

Enjoy the Games!