Cool Apps: Know the Real Deal with StatCounter!

Congratulations! You’re in the game! You’ve got a website (maybe several), you’ve got a blog. A Facebook fan page. You name it, you’ve got it. Sooo, now what?

You update your website. You write blog posts. You post links to Twitter, to your Facebook page, to ActiveRain, not to mention every other place you can think of. Heck, you might even be paying to run an ad or two. How do you know what’s working? How do you know where to focus your attention?

There are some services out there that can give you some basic information, but to get really in-depth, most analytics companies demand a handsome fee. But there is an option.

Welcome to StatCounter.

If your web page has fewer than 250,000 page views per month (and that’s a pretty significant figure), the service is 100% free. FREE! That’s a good thing. But what does it do? The answer is a lot.

Once you include StatCounter’s code in your webpage, it records valuable information about your site’s visitors and records it in a log for you. It tracks information about the sites from which your visitors came, the keywords they used to find you, how long they spent looking at your site, if they’d visited before, where (geographically) they are located, what kind of browser they’re using ... and lots more. Once it collects the data, it organizes it and compiles it into charts and lists, so that your analysis is made easier.

If you’ve got more than one site, StatCounter can be used to track those, as well. Oh, yeah! And it’s still free.

You work hard. You spend lots of time making sure that your websites and blogs give just the right impression. Making sure that the sites are doing their jobs and also knowing where to focus your energies is important. If your site’s visitors come mostly from Google, then you don’t want to channel your efforts somewhere else.

In today’s marketplace, a tool like StatCounter is indispensable. If you want to hang tough with the big boys, StatCounter can help you do it!