Wednesday Wellness: You Can Do It!

Today I met with a new client to Body Firm; I’ll call him “Bob”.  We’d never met before, but I liked him instantly.  (Of course…I like all our clients!!) He shared with me a pivot point he had about 3 weeks ago.  He was on a “health vacation” and was asked to go kayaking with the other group members.  Basically, they had 2 participants and they needed a 3rd. He felt the reason he was asked was because he was there, and if he didn’t go, the other 2 wouldn’t be able to.  He thought about the daunting feat of getting on a kayak in the middle of the ocean and thought: “No way…I can’t!  I never have and I never will…I CAN’T!"

The kayak leader somehow convinced him to try it.  He relented and found himself in the middle of tropical waters in the kayak, thinking “I DID IT!  I CAN!”

He then began to consider all the things he hasn’t done because he thought he couldn’t.  For instance, he had never ever ridden a bike!  He has never ran more than 100 yards…the list goes on!  It wasn’t because someone told him he couldn’t; in fact he is a very cool, fun, outgoing person and a very successful professional. He just made up his mind, at some unknown point, that there were certain things he could never do!  At that moment on the kayak, he decided to make some changes and try new things - to drop the T from CAN’T.

When he got back to California, he hired someone who teaches adults how to ride a bike and learned in less than a few hours something he resisted for nearly 40 years!

Now he is beginning a training program at Body Firm and has completely changed his perspective of what he CAN do…what he is willing to try!

It made me think of how many times I’ve heard people say: “I would never be able to do that,” or look at the idea of a fitness goal or weight loss goal as though they were climbing Mt. Everest, without a down jacket.

If we go into the idea of something new, telling ourselves we will fail, we will!   If we try and are open and commit to trying, we might trip a few times, but the mere concept of going for it, can propel us to a myriad of successful new adventures!

What have you told yourself you can’t do and what are you willing to do about it?  Do you think maybe you CAN?!