Cool Apps: Above All Else ... Remember the Milk!

remember the milk logo No matter what your business, keeping track of important tasks can be, at best, a hassle, and at worst ... a superhuman feat of juggling (those guys in Vegas who toss around bowling balls, flaming orbs, and/or chainsaws have no idea what real danger is).

For those of us in the Real Estate Industry, however, everyday tasks and to-dos take on much greater significance because if we miss a deadline or forget to do even the smallest little thing, it can do irreparable harm to our clients, preventing them from fulfilling the terms of their contracts.

Will you remember to have your clients initial the changes on a counter-offer? Remember to schedule their home inspections? Follow up with lenders, appraisers, and title companies? There are a million little things involved in a real estate transaction, each of which has the potential to mean everything.

When you’ve gotta remember everything, you’ve got to Remember the Milk.

So much more than a simple to-do list, Remember the Milk takes Post-It notes, spare napkins, the corner of your whiteboard, even your forearm (you know you’ve written a note or two on there at some point ... we won’t tell) and makes them things of the past.

Manage your tasks quickly and easily. You can set due dates for things with specifics (due 3/1/2010) or in natural language (due next Friday).

Get reminded anywhere (and they mean anywhere). When a deadline is approaching, RTM will send reminders to your email account, send a text message (SMS), an instant message (AIM, Gadu-Gadu, GoogleTalk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Skype and Yahoo! are all supported).

Schedule reminders from almost anywhere. Remember the Milk is available for a host of tools. There are apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android. If you “friend” Remember the Milk on Twitter, you can send direct messages (DMs) with details of your new “to-do”. When a deadline looms, RTM will send you a message, making sure that you don’t forget. Remember the Milk also syncs with Google Calendar, so all of your lists and to-dos are kept organized.

Each of us likes to think that we can handle everything. Each of us likes to think that we don’t need reminders like this. Sometimes, though, life gets in the way. For those times, it’s important that you Remember the Milk.