Wednesday Wellness: This January Try Something New

January, the first month of a NEW Year! You see many ads about NEW goals, NEW you, NEW business strategies, NEW relationship promises, etc.

I love this!  Looking at your day with a “newness” towards everyday practices can and will revitalize your lives!

My message this week is short and sweet…simply…try something…anything…NEW every day!

If you frequent the same running trail, try a new one…just once!

If you always have oatmeal in the morning, try a protein shake instead

If you go to sleep at 11:30  and wake up at 7 everyday (uh, this would be me)  try to go to sleep at 10 and wake up at 6…just once!

Getting out of our ruts and daily habits will help us explore NEW areas of our lives which we have looked away from and possibly even closed!

Today, I stopped by a coffee shop I have never been in before.  The layout was cute and open and gave me an idea of something I can do to our screen room!  Who knew a coffee shop would give me an idea for a remodel!