Cool Apps: Get the Gist!

gist“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” How many times have you heard that phrase? What if you could combine those two things? What if you could take who you know and increase what you know about them? From the perspective of a real estate professional -- someone whose business is dependent on understanding people’s needs and desires -- that’s something that could be pretty valuable, right?

As it happens, there is, in fact, an app for that.

Welcome to GIST.

Everyone with whom we’re connected online is searchable. Every blog comment, tweet, online profile, even reviews at places like Amazon, are searchable. But tracking down all of that information can be awfully time-consuming. Gist takes the legwork out of finding out what you need to know about your clients and business contacts before you talk to them.

An indispensable tool for anyone in sales, Gist is what Outlook wishes it could have been; not just contact management, Gist is knowledge management. Relationship management.

100% free, Gist couldn’t be simpler to use. Just log in and tell Gist where your contacts are listed: Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter ... wherever they happen to be. Gist aggregates all of your contact information, then turns that data into something really intelligent. Something you can really use.

The more you know about a person or a company, the more productive you’re going to be.

In the dashboard, you’ll see your lists of contacts (either individuals or companies), plus their latest tweets, blog posts, news items, comments and other online information that has recently been posted. Pretty handy information to have before that conference call or big meeting, right?

Gist is knowledge. Gist is power. Gist is totally cool.