Wednesday Wellness: Cross The River

It seems like so many people I know have had, let’s say, a “growth year” in 2009.  That can be awesome…if we can move into 2010 taking the tools we learned during this growth stage in a positive direction! You see, there is sometimes a huge river that we need to cross before we can create the life we want and need.  It’s swimming through the river, even when it’s deep with rapids that help us grow beyond our boundaries.

When it comes to your wellness, what challenges have you faced in 2009 which you have either overcome or need to overcome?  Are you avoiding crossing this river?

There are those blessed few who are born with an easy life; one without challenges, one of sweet bliss and never a worry.  You know though, I truly doubt anyone can find their true bliss if one doesn’t go through rivers, mountains, valleys and sometimes deserts. To grow is to experience pain, persevere and blossom.

If there is a river you need to cross, maybe this is the time to dive in.  Get your life jacket on, wear the right clothes, bring a rope with you and go for it!   Swim with strength, drive, integrity, effort and everything in you it takes to reach the shoreline of who you know you want to be and truly are!

Take 2010 by the horns and make it an amazing year, for your health, wellbeing and your spirit!