Cool Apps: Get it TGETHR!

tgethr_logoWe’ve said it before. Countless times. Online collaboration is great. But sometimes, it’s just harder than nailing Jell-O to a tree. With people spread all over hither and yon, it’s increasingly complex to keep track of things, to collaborate, to simply get things done. Ever on the lookout for online collaboration tools, we’ve seen some that are pretty neat, but they all require every person on a project to log into a new site and register in order to take advantage. We’re always on the hunt for something simple.

We think we may have found it with TGETHR.

What makes TGETHR different? For starters, it doesn’t make the people on your team take time to learn something new. It functions just like an email distribution group. All anyone needs is a TGETHR email address (though there is a web app available), and all of your communication gets distributed to everyone on the team. Automatically.

One of the things that’s interesting about TGETHR is that it is, sort of, anti high-tech. There are few, if any, bells and whistles. It’s exceedingly straightforward. TGETHR archives anything and everything that gets sent, including attachments, and makes that information searchable at any time. You get an automatic record every bit of communication. A searchable record of all of your projects. Cool, huh?

TGETHR is secure. All of your transmissions are encryptable, so that no one can hack into your projects or other sensitive information. Further, there’s no extra charge for this extra security (unlike with some other programs); encryption is standard with every account.

One of our favorite features of TGETHR is that it works with other web-based services, such as Unfuddle or DropBox, which you may already be using.

TGETHR isn’t fancy. It’s a simple tool that solves a complex problem. It’s straightforward, no-nonsense ... it’s simply elegant. Get it TGETHR!