Enter the New Year With a Light Heart & Body

Over the last several weeks I took a challenge with a close friend which grew to involve close to 20 more friends. The challenge was to not have added sugar (sweets/ sugary foods) until the Sunday past Thanksgiving day. Since then, this challenge has now stretched to January 1, 2010 (not for all 20, but for many). The first week wasn’t easy (I love my little chocolate treat daily) but because I had those close to me also committed to the challenge, the team work and accountability made it so much easier. Who wants to nibble at a piece of cookie when you know there are 20 others who are nibbling on a carrot stick because you talked them in to it?!!

The idea behind this was to begin (or now to “end”) the holiday season with strength and ending the year as healthy as possible; a metaphor of sorts towards how I want to enter into 2010. Although the holidays are fun, exciting, loving and special, the word “stress” and “indulgence” are at the forefront of the month of December. Carving out how to take care of yourself so you feel strong and healthy is vital towards enjoying the real tradition of the season. Not just running from obligation to obligation.

Think about it; if you can go through this next month staying (or becoming) healthier, you’ll have stepped in to a New Year feeling stronger than past years! You will be 10 steps ahead of where you were last year and you’ll have an amazing sense of accomplishment in respecting your body and your inner strength.

Your challenge doesn’t have to be no “sweets” (course, you know you have a strong group rooting for you if you DO choose that)! It can be anything which in past years has caused you to feel worse when the New Year turns the corner.

If you decide to try this, announce it and know others believe in you and will help you when you struggle! These commitments don’t have to be forever. But testing your willpower will help you give love back to your body and your spirit so you can focus on the other matters of the season which help you enter the New Year with a light heart - and body!