Thursday Thoughts on Leadership: Creating a Company of Leaders

As we head into the New Year; full of promise despite these challenging times, I look forward to sharing with you, each Thursday some weekly leadership thoughts. Ralph Nader once said, “I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.” At Intero, we strive to embrace this concept. It is always with great pride that we share with all of you, the remarkable growth and pre-eminent position Intero has achieved since it was established in 2002. Central to that success has been our principal of empowering people, more specifically, our agents, employees and customers. A quick peek at our website to read the bios of our Executive Leadership demonstrates a well rounded and dynamic class of leaders from the Chairman to our Managing Officers. Just because these men and women hold titles that are associated with leadership, that does not prevent each member of the Intero family from becoming a strong and effective leader in their own right.

At Intero, we are blessed with incredible leaders, recognized around the country and in fact the world, for their expertise and accomplishments in the Real Estate industry, but our true strength is in the leadership exhibited by each of our agents.

The truth is that at each client visit, as you sit across the table from your prospective client, you are the face of the organization. You are in charge. The success of the organization lies in the result of those individual meetings. Our market share is an impressive number but it is only impressive because it is built on the very real victories realized by each one of you one client at a time.

Your presence and participation at conferences and training events locally, regionally and even nationally allow each of you the opportunity to represent Intero. It brings to life the ideals of continual forward thought, always investing in the future, and always looking for innovative opportunities that make it possible for Intero to grow.

Thousands of times over each year, you are leading Intero.

If you embrace this principal, that each of you can be a leader, you will find within yourself a greater desire to succeed and to perform at a higher level because you represent something larger than yourself. My hope is that each of you has your most successful year ever in 2010. Strive to make it so and recognize yourself as a leader in this company; a company of leaders.