What would you do for one million dollars?

If you were paid $1 million to put on 100 pounds, would you do it? In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been curious about this question and have asked about a dozen people of all walks of fitness and health what their answer would be. 

What I have found interesting, is those who are fit, and/or who have fought hard to get in shape immediately said no to this question - without a moment of hesitation. 

Those who weren’t in shape and hadn’t made their fitness a priority - but of course wished they were in better shape - said yes. Without delay each person continued to say how they would spend part of the money hiring the right people to help them lose the weight. Although, they don’t do it now.

I found it fascinating that the decision was so split down the middle.

Those who said no realized the value of balance and health and what this dangerous act would do to their bodies. It’s not simply a matter of putting on weight then losing weight. It’s a matter of what happens to the inside of our bodies when we stress it out. There is a potential to develop diabetes, high cholesterol, oxidation and a plethora of other ailments. 

It also deteriorates our momentum, our self-love and our mental attitude. 

One of my trainers expressed that he works with so many people, day-in and day-out, who treasure their fitness gains. Each get exhilarated when they’re able to bench mark what they have accomplished - he couldn’t imagine how difficult it would be to reverse this momentum.

I’m sharing with you, the day before Thanksgiving, the day before one of the biggest eating days of the year - to consider how important your health is to you, and what you are willing to do in order to keep your body and mind young and in amazing shape. 

Enjoy the Spirit of the Day!