Discover Your Passion

What if I told you that you could do virtually anything you put your mind to? Even if you didn’t necessarily know that it was something you thought you wanted to do? What if I told you not only would you achieve it, but you’d exceed your goals and discover a passion for this new thing that you didn’t know existed within you? Oh, and you’d also lose over 25 pounds and 5% body fat in pursuit of this newfound passion, too. And all you had to do was suit up, show up, do the work and let the magic happen? Sounds impossible? Recently, I got to witness a few of my clients complete a half century (50 mile) bike ride in Solvang. When they started “training” for this event, they were doing it because (quite honestly) their husbands were doing it and wanted their wives to do it, too. Begrudgingly, the girls started training, and signed up for the 25-mile event (while the guys were signed up for a metric century, or 62.5 miles.) But somewhere along the way, with more than a few thousand pedal strokes in between, the magic happened for them.

I was fortunate to watch as the passion unfolded for them. They started strength training, they began a nutrition program, and started riding their new bikes. Shifting? Nerve wracking for them. The saddle?? Ridiculously uncomfortable. And don’t even THINK about using anything other than their tennis shoes to ride with...

Slowly but surely, as they gained confidence and we went on ride after ride with one another, they began to flourish. They got new cycling gear. They learned how to shift. And they even used “clipless” pedals (which if you’re a cyclist you KNOW what a big deal this is!) With each pedal stroke, they came closer to realizing their goal of now a 50-mile ride. Inconceivable! And it no longer mattered that their husbands “wanted” them to do it--they now wanted to do it for themselves, because they truly loved cycling.

The big day arrived, and they had done their homework. No cramming necessary. Even though the day was tough at times, and glorious, too THEY DID IT!!! They completed the 50-mile ride. And without exception, every one of them said that never in their wildest dreams did they think they could do it and LOVE it so much. I couldn’t have been more proud and excited. The best part? They’ve already signed up for the next one...regardless of whether or not their husbands do it!

Discover your passion. Be willing to take risks and KNOW that you can indeed do virtually ANYTHING that you put your mind to.

This was written by one of Body Firm's amazing trainers, Stacia Carney, who was able to witness this metamorphis over the last several months!