Intero Cool Apps: Create a newsletter the free and easy way with Tabbloid

TabbloidMaybe, at some point in the pre-Internet past, you used a print newsletter as part of your marketing mix. You’d write an article or two, spice it with some community information, lick the stamps and make it happen. Then you likely moved to an email newsletter, which can be great, but somehow lost that newslettery feel, which you liked.

Well, today, you can get the best of both worlds. Tabbloid, a service being piloted by Hewlett-Packard, allows you to create nice-looking PDF newsletters you can email or print from blogs and Websites you like.

The service is free – and astonishingly simple. Just tell Tabbloid what sites or blogs you like, specify dates, and you’ll get a complete newsletter emailed to you.

Now, you can’t customize the look and feel – and that’s a downside. But did we mention that this was free and easy?

There are couple ways to approach Tabbloid:

If you blog, it’s a great way to transform your posts into another medium – perhaps print newsletters you can distribute at open homes, or a weekly email you send to clients and prospects.

You may also aggregate content from other sources, but make certain you respect copyright. Stealing others’ content is a crime!

There has never been and easier way to create a newsletter, so get to it!