Intero Cool Apps: Remember Everything...With EVERNOTE

evernote“I just had the BEST idea!” “I’m meeting so many great people at this conference! I hope I don’t lose any of these business cards!”

 “Wow! That was a great bottle of wine. I hope I can remember its name the next time I’m at the store.”

 Do you ever say things like this to yourself? If you’re human, then the answer is, mostly likely, yes. Constantly on the go, constantly inundated with new information and new bits and pieces of paper, it’s a wonder that we can keep it all straight. Chances are, something has slipped through the cracks. Chances are, somewhere along the way, you’ve said something like, “Shoot! What was the name of that guy with that cool thing?”

For these reasons, and so many others, there is EVERNOTE.

Now, EVERNOTE isn’t exactly new, but for some reason, not a lot of people seem to know about it. This doesn’t make it any less cool, though. How can EVERNOTE help me, you ask? How can it help my business?

Simple. By helping you organize everything. By getting all of your stuff in one sock. Here’s how it works:

If someone gives you a business card, snap a picture of it with your phone. You can upload it to EVERNOTE, and it’ll save & index it. It’ll even be searchable. Do the same thing with wine labels, Post-Its on which you’ve scrawled thoughts and musings ... anything.

Leave yourself voice messages. Create to-do lists. Keep track of those random “world-changing” ideas.

Take notes from meetings. Were you and your team super-productive on your whiteboard? Take a picture of it, send it to EVERNOTE and have it in your records forever.

The possibilities are endless. Tag any entry that you make with categories that are easy for you to remember. Expenses. Meetings. To-Dos. You name it. With EVERNOTE, everything becomes searchable and is immediately available.

EVERNOTE is web-based, and also has mobile applications for iPhone, Palm Pre, as well as other SmartPhones. Basic use is free, with Premium service that allows for larger uploads for as little as $5 per month.

Get control. Get organized. Get it together with EVERNOTE.