Enjoy the Spirit of the Season, Not Just the Food!

If you read this Monday’s Mojo, you might have taken the age test!  If you did, one of the questions was asking if you ate candy…often!  Often, being a few times a week! Well, I don’t need to remind you that this time of year, there are candy jars on every desk in every office.  Not to mention, if you have children, they will be bringing home candy after their Halloween jaunt and you’ll be keeping candy around your home to pass out!  How is one to keep lean during this time?!

At the end of the day, it really comes down to determination and discipline.  But, here are a few tips which can help you just a little bit in having that edge:

  • For the candy you pass out, choose sweets that don’t tempt you (for me that’s sweet tarts, jolly ranchers, nerds, gummy bears)
  • Set a challenge for yourself that you will let yourself have 1 tiny candy a day (like a mini Hershey’s (which is = to about 50 calories) OR you will not have any and save your calories for a cookie (e.g. a Starbucks cookie = 500 calories approx) 1x during the week
  • Keep healthy snacks in your car or at your desk so if you are tempted by the candy dish on your neighbor’s desk, you have “safe” food at your own desk
  •  Set a weekly health goal, print it and post it in an area to remind you NOT to have the candy
  • When your children bring home candy, let them have their pick of 10 pieces, then put the rest in a bag and donate to the homeless shelter the next morning…just past go and do it! 
  • Remind yourself that the Holidays season is truly 4 days…Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years eve!  So, if you want to indulge…pick these special days instead of the entire 2 ½ month period!
  •  Hire a personal trainer or professional to keep you accountable to your weight and goals
  •  Recruit a fitness buddy to keep you accountable.  Not your best friend because they might let you “cheat”!!

Most of all, enjoy the spirit of the season, not just the food!