Intero Cool Apps: Never sweat a big file again with DropSend

dropesendAhhh, email. You’re so cool. You make things so easy. You’re just the best. Wait. What’s that? What do you mean, you can’t send my video? It’s too big? My 45-page contract is too big, too? Oh, c’mon, email! You used to be so good to me. Have you ever had a conversation like this inside your head? (It’s OK. We know you have. We won’t tell.) Email is great, right? You can get in touch with friends, clients -- whomever you like -- on your time, they can respond in kind. Definitely one of the greatest innovations in the last 30 years.

But sometimes, it can be a real hassle.

Case in point: you’ve just spent hours drafting documents for your client’s review. It’s great. It looks just how you want it to. The only problem is that the file is disproportionately large. Your email server just can’t handle its size. What to do? You can’t fax it because that’d take all night and, besides, all of your hard work and design would get fouled up in the transmission. You need a file-sending superhero.

You’re in luck, because now, there’s DropSend.

DropSend is a web-based tool made specifically for this kind of situation. With it, you can send files up to 2GB in size (and if you’re not the technical type, that’s REALLY big). That’s not all, though. You can send emails with MULTIPLE files ... and each can be up to 2GB. So, if you’ve got that massive document, plus a video clip and maybe even a few pictures that you took at your last broker tour, you can send it all. In one email.

DropSend works like this: simply upload your files to DropSend, then select the files you’d like to send. DropSend will send your contact an email with a download link. They don’t even have to have a DropSend account to read them. When your contact gets the email and clicks the links, you’ll be able to see which files have been looked at (neat, huh?)

Another really, really useful thing that DropSend does is store your data in an online storage “bank”. This is a great solution for having backups of your really important files. If anything were to happen to your computer or its hard drive, you’ll always have copies of the important things stored safely in your DropSend inbox.

DropSend is web-based, and there’s no software to download. Plans are free to start, and are nominally-priced, even for their most expensive option.

Email is great, and it’s certainly changed the world in its time, but it’s time it had a little help. DropSend can most certainly handle the job!