Are the choices we make driven by our mindset?

Attitude; it’s the emotion which trumps and dictates nearly everything in our life!

For instance, have you ever experienced your paper jamming in your printer over and over again and on one day you are ready to take a sledge hammer to the printer, then on a completely separate day when it jams again,  you laugh it off and by that evening you barely remembered it occurred!

Take the day when you go out to dinner and you resist the chips and guacamole and choose a simple clean fajita sans guacamole, fried tortillas and no cheese. You enjoy the conversation and enjoy your time at the restaurant vs. focus only on the food. Then, there’s the following week when you go back to the same restaurant and can’t stop until you’ve eaten the entire basket of chips and will accept nothing less than something laden in cheese!

What happens here?

Why do we waver on our choices, our attitude?

Why is it so easy one day and so incredibly difficult the next time?   Could it be the way we choose to view the moment based upon our attitude?

I’d like to suggest this week you think about this when something you’ve overcome in your past (or want to overcome in your future) creeps up and becomes difficult in this new moment.  Consider your mindset, your stress and your attitude towards this event.   Consider that maybe, if you open your mind to the possibility that you can overcome it, even easily…you can!!