Follow the Commitment

How many times have you wanted to begin a fitness regiment or a weight loss program, but you simply thought it was too hard?  We see this often!  For some, it just takes a little push, others it takes a long term commitment. What I see that’s very interesting, is to begin say, a fitness program, we might challenge a client to walk one day on their own…just 20 minutes.  It sounds easy when the commitment is made but the day arrives and that 20 min is just not scheduled and not easy (familiar, a “habit”), so it doesn’t happen.  What evolves afterwards is really interesting.  The client then goes into a guilty spin of why they didn’t do it; wasting hours of beating themselves up!

Another example is getting on a healthy nutritional program.  Maybe the challenge is to go 3 days without having desserts.  Well, day 2 happens and that cookie just was too tempting…then the next 2 days are spent beating themselves up again!

The energy spent on feeling bad completely outweighs the actual moment of following the commitment, yet somehow we connect more with feeling guilty than trying something new, something possibly a bit uncomfortable.  Why is it we are comfortable in negative feelings?  Interesting, isn’t it?!

So my thought for you today is to commit to something which in the moment might feel a bit uncomfortable because it’s different; but know that the ripple effect of this new habit won’t waste hours of guilty nonsense but instead establish a comfort zone over time!