Spiff up your files (and save a ton)

PrimoRDFSometimes the coolest stuff is the simplest stuff. A little thing that does something truly useful. That’s what Primo PDF is all about.

Let me explain:

You probably send a lot of documents – usually Microsoft Word files – to clients during the course of a transaction. Sometimes, you don’t want the client editing the document, or perhaps the formatting breaks when viewed on a different screen.

With Primo PDF you can convert almost any type of file – over 300 in all – to a clean, largely un-editable PDF.

A PDF file will always look cleaner and more professional. And for most people, they are un-editable. And while you can buy expensive software (Adobe Acrobat costs $299!) for creating and managing PDF files, Primo PDF is completely free.

How’s that for a Cool App?

How to use Primo PDF in your business -

Never send sloppily formatted Word docs to your clients again – send them a professional-looking PDF. Want to send a PowerPoint listing presentation to a seller, but don’t want them to edit it? Convert it to a PDF before sending.

Primo PDF can be downloaded, for free, here.

Good luck!