Shed What's Not Working

Look outside!  Fall is approaching quickly!  Kids are back in school, schedules are revived and balance is cherished.  Doesn’t it feel as though all is right and “normal” once again?!  Nature is a lot like our personal schedules.  If you take a look at the trees, they are changing colors and some are losing their leaves.  If we compare this to our own lives, we too, at this time of year start to eliminate things which we no longer need; we “shed”.  Consider the idea of getting “rid” of an old health or fitness habit (or lack of) which was of no value to you any longer.  Examples might be going to that kickboxing class which is no longer fun and you were simply doing it to go through the motions…you were barely even burning calories!  Or maybe you were eating a salad for lunch from the same restaurant, getting bored and possibly binging later because you felt you deserved it for putting up with the same old food every day during a break.  All these old habits do is cause frustration and excuses of why you can’t break through the barrier of your weight loss and fitness goals.  This month…get rid of the same ol' same ol' and try something new…invigorate your routine!  Try a yoga class you’ve heard about, create a new meal with low fat versions or try a new restaurant with a different spin on your healthy meal.  Whatever it is, emulate nature and shed what’s not working!  I bet you feel lighter already!!

Have a healthy week!