Cool Apps: Brizzly

BrizzlySeems like the world can’t get enough of Twitter. The darling of social media, Twitter is monstrously useful for keeping up not only with friends, but developing and honing powerful business relationships and building your personal network. By now, you’re certainly using it. You are, right? Assuming that you are, at the very least, using the micro-blogging site at least every so often, it’s likely that you have run into difficulties keeping the Twitter feeds of those you follow organized in any way that makes real sense. It’d be nice if there were an answer.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Brizzly.

Unlike some of the desktop applications that are available, Brizzly keeps things very simple, while offering a ton of useful features. First off, Brizzly is web-based, so you have the ability to keep up with your Twitter minions, no matter your location.

But that’s just the start. Brizzly really sets itself apart from other Twitter clients with its simple, easy-to-use features.

Ever think twice about clicking those links in tweets? You know, the ones that’ve been shortened with services like or and the like? Well, Brizzly takes care of that problem. When viewing tweets on the Brizzly homepage, shortened links are expanded to their original format, so you can see before you click just what you’re in store for. It does something similar with photos and video. If one of your followers includes a link to a photo on Twitpic or yFrog, Brizzly allows you to see the photo in-line. No need to click links at all. The same holds for videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, or any other video service.

But there’s more!

If there’s someone whom you follow on Twitter who tends to over-share. Or maybe you have a friend who’s attending a conference and is sending updates to Twitter more often than you’d like. For situations like this, Brizzly offers a “mute” feature. With a simple click, you can silence someone’s feed without actually unfollowing them. Then, when you’re ready, simply unmute them and no one (but you) will ever be the wiser.

And the features keep on rolling in! Brizzly treats direct messages like IMs, and threads them together, so you can see a whole conversation. You can also organize those you follow into groups with a couple of simple clicks, so that you can stay on top of the things you care about most.

Brizzly. Streamlined, simple, super-cool! Check it out!