Cool Apps: Going Ape For Gorillamobile!

“What is that ... thing?” you might ask when you first catch a glimpse of Gorillamobile, the infinitely-positional, arachnid-esque, cooler-than-cool mobile phone tripod from Joby. Resembling something like a space-age spider, the Gorillamobile tripod is made specifically for your mobile device. It’ll work with mobile phones (like your iPhone, Palm Pre, or BlackBerry), PDAs, MP3 players, compact digital and mini video cameras (like the Flip Mino) and lots of other gadgets, too.

This clever tool has flexible, wrappable legs, which make it possible for you to position your camera just about anywhere, in just about any position.

“So, that’s great and all, but how does that help me and my business?”

Well, think about this: Why not use the Gorillamobile tool to set yourself up as a mobile movie studio? From your desk, from out and about, from wherever you like, you could record weekly videos (just a couple of minutes per piece) and develop a marketing campaign around them. 

Video gives you the ability to actually talk to your customers, to the people who read your blog, to anyone who’s watching. It puts a human face on your brand. And people will hear you, in your voice, speaking about the thing on which you’re an authority: Real estate.

Post video “blogs” about anything. Talk about the latest industry news, great restaurants in your community, recent sales - anything that will set you apart and make people sit up and take notice.

Get out there. Start the cameras rolling, and go ape!