Tonight I took a Power Vinyasa yoga class.  I was going in to it thinking I just wanted to “stretch”, take it easy, maybe even leave a few minutes early as I had so much to do! As I melted in to the class, the “theme” was about POWER and what power really means.  Is power about being first, always ahead of someone else?  Is power about strength, or possibly about winning?   Is power about pushing through situations which are uncomfortable?  Maybe it’s about holding the cards in a business situation to steer the decision in your direction. 

Or maybe it is (also or instead) about having the strength to be soft, kind and gentle.  Maybe it’s about letting go enough to trust your intuition; even if that’s different from what someone else thinks you should do or be.  Maybe power is about having something so strong inside of yourself it trumps the belief systems that you read about and talk about with others. 

Your power might tell you what feels right when you are taking care of yourself.  Your power might help you reach for the foods which assist you towards living healthy and your power that “deep down strength” might intuitively know when to rest and when to push.

Initially, I thought “ya, I have the power to go easy”…but then, I actually let go and worked hard!  I had fun, rested as needed, but stayed through the whole class and loved every second!  I trusted my strength inside vs. what my “busy mind” was telling me and learned a valuable lesson!

This week, dig deep and search out your power!  Connect with what is right for you and let go of your preconceived ideas which are more on the weak side than the powerful side!  As a mentor of mine has said many times “do you have the strength to be kind to yourself”?