Cool Apps: Have You Gotten Your FWIX Today?

WHAT IF...there was a way to instantly filter your news, so that you saw only what was pertinent to you? That would be great! Not only could you instantly find the information you’re looking for, you could find just the sorts of things your clients are looking for, too. As luck would have it, I have some fantastic news. Because this service exists, and it’s ready and waiting, just for you. Let me introduce you to FWIX. allows you to select one of 85 U.S. cities, then scans the Internet -- all in the blink of an eye -- to gather information from blogs, news & social media sites to present you information relevant only to the area in which you’re interested.

Think about how that could impact your business. Think about what information like that could mean to your clients. Think about how it would bolster the content on your own website or blog.

One of the biggest buzzwords in our industry right now is “hyperlocal”. This means getting down to grass roots; to get involved on a street level, in-the-thick-of-things, community-based kind of way. A site like FWIX, that can drill down and give you information that is totally community-centric, is an incredible asset.

FWIX can be streamed right onto your website, right where you want your customers and clients to see it.

You can even contribute stories right from your iPhone, when you’re out and about. It’d be pretty refreshing to see a Realtor’s point of view about the state of the real estate market, wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t it be nice to contribute to a sense of balance?

FWIX is easy. FWIX is free. FWIX currently streams news for 85 different cities, and has plans to go global late this year.

Get your FWIX.